Robert Leyva

Living in Los Angeles County, California




Senior Business Analyst - Kaiser Permanente, 2016-Present

Responsibilities: Coordination of testing to set up new implementations, inbound and outbound. Verification testing of existing implementations. Creation and review of X12 834, X12 820, Flat File enrollment and premium companion guides. Creation and review of MTTAs (flat file to X12, X12 to flat file mapping documentation).

Act as subject matter expert, collaborating with, and advising internal and external business partners/stakeholders during their electronic enrollment testing, and troubleshooting efforts.

Application of project management principles for high business impact implementations.

Mentorship and training of new FTE staff and seasonal OE staff.


EDI Coordinator - Kaiser Permanente, 2008-2016

Responsibilities: Coordination between EDI personnel and external trading partners for testing and implementation of all X12 v5010/v4010 834s and 820s, nationally.

Provide support and guidance to internal peer departments and external trading partners for issues that relate to production X12 834s and 820s.

Represent the National EDI Business Operations department in regards to X12 834s and 820s to internal and external business partners at summits, interdepartmental projects, 834 implementation kick-off meetings, and such.

Train and mentor new-hires and temporary staff that coordinate testing for X12 834s and X12 820s.


Senior Programmer Analyst - Kaiser Permanente, 2006-2008

Responsibilities: Maintenance of Kaiser Permanente's HIPAA EDI system. The system processes and allows human editing of transactions between KP regions and its trading partners. Maintenance activities included the implementation and refactoring of EJBs, JSP tag libraries, Servlets and JSPs using IBM DB2, IBM MQ, IBM WebSphere v5, and stand-alone Java programs. System uses XML based internal representation of transactions.

Migration of existing HIPAA EDI system to new hardware and software to new IBM mainframe LPARs for hardware and IBM's DB2, MQ, and WebSphere Application Server.

Configuration of IBM WDI setup to translate X12 834s for batch processing of trading partner enrollment files.


Application Engineer - Warner Brother's Online, 2000-2005

Responsibilities: Co-development of the Matrix Online game's (MMOG) registration system.

Co-development of the Campaign Management System (CMS) project.

Co-Development and maintenance of the Corporate Marketing And Sales' (CMAS) B2B project.

Development of EJBs (EmailNotifier, Syndicator, SyndicationGroup) and JSPs to create dynamic content for the company's web properties.

Development of Warner Brother's consumer web sites using Oracle 9i, IBM WebSphere v6, EJBs, Jakarta Struts, JSPs, HTML, and stand-alone Java programs.

Co-development and maintenance of EJB and JSP based integrated email notification system and email newsletter system (which managed 4 million subscribers) for domestic and international sites.

Was the principal Application Engineer for the Warner Brother's Movie Trailer Project.

The projects included the following tasks: Creating the project Milestones, Use Cases, Data Modeling, Schema Modeling, Object Modeling, Object Analysis, and Performance Analysis. Rational Software's Rational Rose Enterprise was used to facilitate the Modeling process.


Engineering - Pioneer Video Manufacturing, Incorporated. 1995-1998

Responsibilities: Engineering support, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the company's DVD, CD and CDR mastering, molding, bonding, printing and replication lines. Assisted in the development of the company's DVD replication systems. Authored ISO 9001 DVD replication procedures and conducted in-house training for technical personnel.


Field Service Engineer - Optical Disc Corporation. 1992-1994.

Responsibilities: Field Service and Technical Support for the company's NPR based CD and Record-able Laser Videodisc mastering systems. Manufacturing and trouble-shooting such systems to the component level. Compact Disc and Record-able Laserdisc replication process optimization.


Skills, licenses, memberships


SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: Development of business and technical solutions using Object Oriented Design Patterns (per Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides)

Computer Programming/Software Development: C++, C, EJB, J2EE, Java, PHP and HTML development using emacs/vi, makefiles, gcc, g++, ddd, gdb, CDK, ncurses, IBM WebSphere, CVS, Apache webserver, PHP, and Web page development. OOSE using Rational Rose. X86 assembly to a lesser extent.

SYSTEMS: Proficient running numerous PC systems running Debian, Unix, and Windows. Modest proficiency with IBM mainframe TSO, and JCL

Electronic/Electrical Engineering/Hardware/TEST EQUIPMENT: HP and Tektronics oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers.

RADIO: FCC General class radio operator. License: PG-11-39642. FCC Technician class amateur radio operator. License: N6SVT (now expired)

KP Application Security Training Brown Belt

Practicing Project Manager (PPM)

Member: San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group (SGVLUG)




California State University, Long Beach

Worked toward BSCS degree with an emphasis in OOSE. Coursework with C/C++, Java, x86 assembly, Fortran, and ADA. Exposure to Visual C++, MFC. Projects on Solaris, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Courses in Software Engineering, Web page programming, Java, Digital circuits, Boolean algebra. Numerical methods. Compiler construction. Database fundamentals, X86 Assembly Programming, User Interface Design.


Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

Awarded with honors an A.S. degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. Degree subjects: Analog, op-amp and digital circuits. Microwave theory and applications. Senior project was the analysis of signals in the frequency domain. Graduating GPA=3.75 Dean's honor roll student.