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Welcome to my little part of the Internet. My resume is located at

The purpose of my little part of the Internet is to share with people some of the knowledge I have gained, that I think others might benefit from. I know I have benefited, over and over, from others that have posted tutorials, howto's, and such, over the years. I want to give back, and hope to do so for as long as I can.

Home driveway mechanic

I am a home driveway mechanic. I maintain my little family's cars. I've been working on cars since high school, and even took some college courses on automotive maintenance and engine rebuilding.

The cars we have, and have had, are:

Almost everything I do on cars, that I want to be able to do again, or help share with others, I post to Livejournal.

2011 Honda Pilot

I've procedures on doing tire changes, brake pad changes, oil changes (including resetting the maintence light), ATF changes.

To see them, follow these URLs ==> or

1998 Jeep Cherokee

I've procedures for oil changes, manual transmission fluid changes, changing the clutch (we have a 5spd manual transmission Jeep Cherokee), changing the harmonic balancer, radiator, exhaust manifold, brake pads, and such.

To see them, follow these URLs ==> or

1992 Ford Mustang GT

Same as for the other cars, procedures, fixes, and such.

To see them, follow these URLs ==> mustang or ford

Computer programmer

I went to school and studied Electronics, got a degree in it. I then went back to school and studied Computer Science, worked on a Bachelor's in Computer Science.

Next, was a professonal J2EE developer for five years.

After a while, for a better work/life balance, I transitioned away from programming professionally, and now do it as a hobby.

Any programs I write, I do as "open source software." I license them using the GPL license.

So far, I have written (or am working on):

Follow this link to reach the homepage for my computer programs

Geek, home handyman, online dear diary, just stuff - Livejournal

When I learn things I know I'll want to refer back to (and that others might also benefit from), I try to post about it on my Livejournal site.

It has posts about Internet privacy and security best practices (WPA2).

How to generate secure passwords, references to haystack, gpg, and such (haystack).

Putting in a new kitchen under-sink garbage disposal and plumbing, and such (potts).

I do not have a homepage for all the little home projects I have done. Instead I want to say that almost all that stuff I will put in another Internet resource, my Livejournal site. It can be reached here.